Each country organized a 2-days knowledge-sharing workshops “Teach Me in 1 Hour”. The idea is to transition from theory to practice and provide young people with competencies they can learn in 1 hour and apply in their online career building. The workshop days constituted 8 1-hour sessions, 4 sessions per day. The sessions were lead by practitioners – professionals who already work remotely or have their business online, or representatives of companies that offer remote positions. The content of the sessions was very practical, “how-to”, something that can be learned in 1 hour and used next day for improving employability and online work.
Topics for the knowledge-sharing sessions : “Where to search for online job opportunities for non-tech people, how to apply, what skills are required”, “How to shine in an online job interview”, “How to start your crafts shop on Etsy and other online market platforms”, “Social Media Manager 101: basic skills which will provide the employment tomorrow”, “Stock video and photography: making money with your camera or mobile phone”, “Hiring for attitude: soft skills required for a remote career”, “Social and cultural entrepreneurship online”, “Resilience and mental health for online work”. The participants were able to attend all the sessions as they were held one after another.



Project Go Digital Go Global is supported by the Erasmus + programme

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