Associação MY MADEIRA ISLAND is a non-profit association with the aim of supporting the cultural and social development of Madeira Island through the organization of various cultural and educational events and online activities; and helping young people find online employment opportunities (due to a very limited job market on the island) through the development of digital and soft skills. We also aim to develop social and personal competencies of young people and adults by organizing local and international projects, camps, training courses, conferences, seminars, consultations, lectures and other educational activities, based on non-formal education principles. We also run a slow news magazine – on a volunteering basis. The magazine talks about the island of Madeira and its people – aiming to promote the island, increase its touristic potential (which is practically the only industry here), and also to present the island through the stories of its people.

Eme is a non-profit association born in November 2018 promoting education, culture, and social inclusion. The aim of the association is to help young people to feel more self-confident, to develop their competencies and to live an experience abroad. We want to help students and teachers to meet new cultures and to develop non-formal education methods. We act in the
field of European Programmes to help young people to enter the labor market gaining international experience and develop their skills. It also acts as an intermediary to help schools, people, and companies to manage their mobility
abroad. EME addresses the specific competencies of the staff to the fields of culture, training, education, European culture, entertainment, tourism, animation, communication, recovery, and preservation of traditions. It also intends to carry out social activities aimed at young people, who can get involved with activities designed and implemented directly by young people themselves.

Innovaform Nonprofit Ltd. is an education centre that specializes in relational and communicational aspects of organizational life. We combine different complementary experiences developed in the context of various European and international activities Besides our education and training programs, our company has set a goal to increase the competitiveness in the market for consultancy services and partnerships by constantly offering better more complex and customized services through
soft skill development for the economic and social actors taking into consideration the discrimination and LGBT rights. Through our wide network, we create, develop and implement innovative approaches in the field of education with the help of our highly qualified expert team from different fields of knowledge. We do believe that a well-structured education
system can deal with the problem of the rising level of unemployment due to premature school leaving and adult workers with low skills as well as topic

The key priorities of the Centre for European Initiatives Foundation are civil rights, youth participation and regional development based on collaboration between young people and local institutions and authorities. The organization uses two basic tools in its activities. We organise activities for young people: summer camps, language courses, programs and workshops on the topic of personal development, discovering one’s potential, also inclinations for future employment, lifelong learning. We also use creative tools in our work: organising Living Libraries (an event as a tool to fight stereotypes) and Forum theatres to stimulate the creative search for changing some behaviors in society.

Project Go Digital Go Global is supported by the Erasmus + programme

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