A 7-day youth workers mobility event was held in Madeira, attended by 5 representatives from each project partner. The focus was on supporting young people witinvolved in the preparation, support, cultural program for the visitors, and filming/taking photos.h fewer opportunities in online employment and entrepreneurship, with goals including equipping youth workers with digital and career guidance competencies, exploring digital youth work, and building a strategic approach to reach marginalized young people. The event aimed to increase NGOs’ capacity to work for young people’s benefit using ICT competencies and create a modern environment within participating organizations.

Each of the 4 organizations was represented by youth workers who directly worked with young people with fewer opportunities in their community and had at least 1-year experience in this area; youth career coaches and career counselors. On behalf of the host organization in Madeira, local volunteers were also involved in the preparation, support, cultural program for the visitors, and filming/taking photos.